Growing and transforming brain

Inner Wisdom

The benefits of kinesiology at home
Whether in Health or Life, meaningful, sustainable change happens from the Inside Out. 
Learn how to access your Inner Wisdom in an online course that teaches Mindful Muscle Testing & simple kinesiology techniques to decrease stress & create internal change.
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A Search Engine for Bodies

What if you had a search function

  • for your own nervous system,
  • for  your biology and physiology 
  • and your accumulated life wisdom

so that you could get relevant information to support your health and well-being just as you would from a search engine?

This course combines Mindful Muscle Testing with psychology and bio-energetics to create a simple process that you can use at any time to find support and guidance on the best solution for you.


“Kate is a highly skilled and intuitive kinesiologist . She demonstrates that communicating directly with the body and bypassing the intellect can reveal significant issues that can be blocking development/ healing etc.  These issues can be easily addressed with the set of tools she employs from the comprehensive range of effective techniques.” 

~  Lesley

“Kate has helped me re-align my business around my core values, start to embrace self-compassion and self-kindness for myself, expand my reach, trust my work and my voice and the value it has. Because of working with Kate, I have seen a significant amount of growth personally… I consider her an adviser, therapist, friend and magic worker all wrapped in one with her unique approach to seeing beyond the problem.” 

~ Dr Errin Weisman

Kate North Kinesiologist in Nottingham

This is the essence of the process that I follow in every treatment session.

It is a set of repeatable, easy steps that will offer insight and clarity from your subconscious.

This is Your Inner Wisdom.

Growing and transforming brain
Count me in
This self-paced, online course is designed to help you find solutions:

Unique to your neurology

Unique to your genetics

Unique to your life experience

Unique to you

Connect Me to My Inner Wisdom
Growing and transforming brain

Inner Wisdom

… is a short and personal training journey for those that are tired of one size fits all solutions and want to be able accurately assess and respond to their personal and individual needs in the moment, while at the same time remaining committed to a longer term vision for a life well lived.

… is a promise of personalised support for you; during this course and in your day to day life beyond.  No longer do you have to rely on the well-meaning advice of others, or endlessly investigate and try the many and varied suggestions for what might be able to help.   

… is the result of digging into 20 years of learning to find the simplest, quickest path to find the root causes of stress and reprogramme your neurology so that you can create change – from the Inside Out

This is for you if:

  • You want a holistic and personalised way to improve your well-being.
  • You want help to manage symptoms like pain, anxiety or stress related symptoms.
  • Your energy levels are low or hard to maintain.
  • You have searched google to find solutions to your problem, only to find that the solutions that helped others, weren’t right for you?
  • You believe that your mental, emotional and physical health are linked, but can’t always figure out which needs to be adjusted to get the results that you want.
  • You want the flexibility to learn on your own terms, but with access to personalised support when you need it.

Our Broad Map

Over the online course of six self-paced lessons you will learn how to

  • identify underlying challenges,
  • respond to your unique needs and
  • transform key areas of stress

so that you can create a greater sense of well-being and have the energy to live a life directed by your personal values. 

This is backed up with 100% wholehearted support to guide you through the course and ensure that you feel confidently connected to the wisdom that you hold within.

The Details

The course includes six online lessons, including practical workbooks and videos, that you can learn from whenever works for your life schedule.

Lesson 1:  Mapping the Path helps you to explore the vision and values that inform the life you want to live and the changes that you want to create in your health and life.

Lesson 2:  Techniques for Inner Change introduces you to several techniques that you can use daily, or in times of crisis, to deal with complex emotions and support yourself as you face real, everyday life, work and family challenges.

Lesson 3:  Mindful Muscle Testing teaches you the history, neurology, practical application and research behind muscle testing.  It also introduces you to the Principles of Mindfulness as they apply to muscle testing and how they are important considerations for accuracy and clarity – especially when self testing.

Lesson 4:  Clarity uses your Mindful Muscle Testing skills to help you to find the stresses that are contributing to the symptoms and life challenges that you are experiencing today so that you can take action to change them.

Lesson 5:  Connection teaches you to work with and connect with your body through reflex points that create change at a level below conscious awareness.

Lesson 6:  Transformation is where you learn to get to the root causes of the symptoms or challenges so that you can create lasting transformative change.

Support is available in our learning community to answer your questions, give you guidance and help to keep you on track.

One hour of personalised 1-on-1 mentoring is included in the course fee so that you can have your specific learning needs met and questions answered.  (To help to keep you focused, this is to be booked and used within three months of purchasing the course.)


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“Your video was like experiencing you speak to my soul directly. I loved to see you in action ‘testing’ and honestly I am moved to tears of relief, joy and a deep acknowledgement, hearing how you are framing and guiding me into this.”   

~ Kathryn Wakefield, Course Participant

Come and Join me

Self paced learning

Personalised support





Inner Wisdom

Growing and transforming brain
This is what I need

About Kate

Once upon a time there was a little girl whose mum nurtured her with love and fed her on a diet of natural health and positive thinking. Her dad fed her science and good, solid things and always encouraged her to think and learn from the world around her.

This little girl grew, studied as an Occupational Therapist, and had her own children. Then, with a stroke of ill health and magical accident, she ended up as a total sceptic studying kinesiology.

Her scientifically focused brain fought with what her lecturers taught her until she knew it to be solid. The artist in her marvelled in astonishment as a whole new world of possibilities opened up before her.

While I have studied many forms of health care and kinesiology, for me, healing is never only pure science. Part of it always involves listening.  Listening to our hearts, listening to our bodies, listening to the stories that we tell ourselves, because we become these stories.  

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Let me introduce you to  

Your Inner Wisdom

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