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When stress builds up long term or major stress is unresolved, it creates dis-tress.

Your natural healing ability can be compromised as a result of long term stress and this is when you may start to show symptoms of dis-ease.  

Dis-ease can vary from ‘not feeling quite right’, to acute or chronic conditions. You may find yourself in pain, suffering from exhaustion, depression, eczema, allergies, hormonal disturbances, digestive difficulties or any other symptom.   

Symptoms are the sign of a dis-stress that you have not managed to resolve.

These symptoms are our bodies way of saying ‘Help, I need a hand here!’.

I can help you listen to your body.

Muscle response testing can point us to the cause of the stress and show us what is needed to be able to release and transform it so your natural healing processes can take over.

A symptom may not be the beginning of the story, but it is A beginning.

It is an opportunity for you to heal, a challenge waiting to be overcome. It is a seed of unexpressed potential that when healed becomes strength that you can draw on.

Every person is unique.

Your life experiences and genetics are different.  I work with you – I listen – to find the parts of the story that contribute to your dis-stress, and together we find the most effective way to help you to relieve it.

Each appointment is a personalised, holistic treatment – every journey is as individual as you are – and I would be delighted to journey with you.

Every symptom or challenge that you overcome is a heroic act of personal transformation.
My job is to help you to become the hero of your own story.

Stories from Real Life Heros

“My horse led me to Kate.  I had been struggling with his physical ailments.  Someone did muscle testing that gave his body the chance to ‘talk’ and we found that his past was affecting his current health.  I wondered what my body would say and so looked up a kinesiologist and found Kate.  

My body and mind have been, and still are on, a transformational journey.  When I started to see Kate I had been in counselling and on anti-depressants for over 20 years after a major life trauma.  That trauma and other life events had been blocking my future paths and stopping me from living as I should be doing. 

Kate has helped to give my body a voice when I couldn’t find the words. She has a huge toolkit to use.  Her skills have helped to unlock what has been holding me back and put the jigsaw pieces of my life path together.  We have had so many “Aha” moments and I know I have grown emotionally and physically stronger with her help. 

I am now freer, more balanced in my life and able to see my way forward.  Whilst I have normal ups and downs, I don’t have that deep dark pit of depression that I once did.  When I hit a life low, or have a life wobble, Kate’s work evens these out.  Three years later I am (and I remain) anti-depressant free.”

~ Sarah, Mother, Farmer’s Wife & Stable Owner

“Kate is a highly skilled and intuitive kinesiologist . She demonstrates that communicating directly with the body and bypassing the intellect can reveal significant issues that can be blocking development/ healing etc.  These issues can be easily addressed with the set of tools she employs from the comprehensive range of effective techniques. 

I have tried many many different therapies/ modalities with some success. When I went to see Kate I was  in many ways deeply challenged  on a variety of  levels. My nervous system felt’ shot’ and amongst many other things I was struggling to sleep.  What drew me to Kate and the modalities she uses…eg  NOT (Neural Organisational Technique) where the first port of call is the nervous system.  If this isn’t working properly then it is promptly addressed and resolved. Many of us have  problems with our nervous systems – the speed and pace of stuff…stress etc.  After just a few sessions with Kate it was clear to me that something significant had happened. 

Kate is completely present for the client one hundred per cent and gets underneath a problem, wholly committed to solving the problem.  She makes relevant connections between the stuff that arises and often reveals a new slant on issues.  In all of this she promotes a very positive ethos and looks to the future for the client  This way of working always plays an essential role, and underpins the sessions.  I wholeheartedly recommend Kate.”

~ Lesley, Lecturer & Artist

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