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I’m Kate


I am also mother to three active children and wife of an adventuring academic.

I combine more than 20 years experience in both medical and complementary health to help you find the root causes that underlie the symptoms and challenges you are experiencing.  I will offer simple, unique solutions that help you to release the stress, allow new patterns to develop and facilitate the changes that you want.

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Diet changes & supplements, exercise & meditation, counselling & positive thinking
You have tried it all.
Nothing seems to create the lasting change that you are looking for.

I am here to help you:

Listen to your body’s wisdom

Find the key patterns getting in the way of change

Release the stress

Create inner changes that allow real world results to grow
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How I found Kinesiology

When I first tried kinesiology I was desperate to help my daughter with the dry, very itchy eczema on both of her arms.

I didn’t want to start her on cortisone so young and so was trying to see if we could find a different solution.  The homeopath thought it might be an allergic reaction, but we didn’t know to what?  I did not have the patience to cut out eggs this week and flour next week and then change the washing powder the week after.  I just wanted to know what to avoid so we could get on with life and she could get better.

I was referred to a kinesiologist, and, although I had some misgivings about meeting a weird hippy in a turban, it was worth the risk if I could just know how to make the eczema better.

After presenting the (very normal) lady with my reason for being there, she tested my daughter (using me as a surrogate) and said that it was nothing that I was feeding her, or putting on her (i.e. substance allergy) and that it was an emotional reaction.

The lady rubbed here and held there and together we worked out what was bothering my daughter.  After the second session, she said “We’ll see if we need another.”

I was well and truly flabbergasted… and didn’t believe that there was any possibility it could be this easy… in fact my answer was… “Well, what do you expect it to do? Go away?!”

And despite my disbelief, it did!

This left me confused… How could this possibly work?  And is it okay?  The results were good, but both the treatment and the speedy recovery were seriously strange for someone brought up under Western medicine.

And so began my journey. I began studying kinesiology just to try to understand how it could work. More than ten years later I still never cease to be astonished by the stories that the body holds, and how it can heal itself when given the right opportunity.

Excerpts from my Story

Excerpts from my Studies

  • BSc Occupational Therapy 

A broad training in whole person health, including psychology, psychiatry, physiology, pathology & anatomy with dissections.  Physical and mental health interventions varied from infant to old age, hospital to community based care but always focused on the increasing a patient’s ability to function and live a life that held meaning and purpose.

  • The Coaching Way
  • Playing Big 

Over the last year, I have completed The Coaching Way Course, and am currently completing the Playing Big Facilitators Training by Tara Mohr.  These have offered both beginner and advanced coaching techniques to help create the necessary shifts to enable us to be more loyal to our dreams than our fears.

  • Certificate of Solution Oriented Neurotraining
  • Blueprint 1-3
  • Fears Habits & Beliefs

A kinesiology based training in the neuroscience of health and recovery.  Advanced courses included unconscious, inherited patterns, hormonal patterns, emotional patterns, and the deeply rooted patterns of our fears, habits and beliefs.

  • Neural Organisational Technique (Basic & Advanced)

An advanced kinesiology training focused on the structural, neurological correction of health.  Ideal for postural and structural correction, reprogramming the endocrine system and helping to take the body out of the reflex patterns of fight and flight.

  • Touch For Health

The baseline training for most kinesiology practitioners worldwide.

  • Integrative Neurocardiology
  • Integrative Neurogastroenterology
  • The Basics of Life
  • Inner Alchemy

Advanced kinesiology workshops integrating modern Western knowledge with ancient Chinese medicine.  Specialist approaches  to work with the heart brain and gut brain especially relating to chronic conditions, bowel health, gut bacteria, inherited patterns and creating personal change. 

  • Diploma in Holistic Massage
  • Certificate in Hot Stone Massage
  • Infant Massage Instructor
  • Reiki Master
Find Out More About Kinesiology

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