Wealth from the Inside Out

Wealth is about well-being on every level.  It includes wisdom,courage, peace & joy, as well as our physical & financial well-being.

You have meaningful goals

and deeply held dreams.

And yet sometimes they can be so hard to achieve.

Our subconscious has 95% of the power when it comes to our reactions & decisions. 

If you consciously decide to do, create, or achieve something and the subconsious 95% of you is not in agreement, it is going to be a long, hard battle.  The internal battle fought between your conscious and subconscious will keep you wondering why achieving each simple step has to be so darn tough!

It is time to get you out of your own way!

Muscle Response Testing can quickly & easily find the subconscious patterns holding you back. 

Once you are consciously aware of what fears, habits and beliefs your subconscious is defending, you can reevaluate their value, rewrite them differently and refile them into your subconscious in a way that is more supportive to the life you want to create.

When you achieve your goals it is not just you that benefits. 

Heart-led achievement can create a ripple of good for the people and world around you.

The role model you become, the strengths you create within yourself, the people that you serve, the change that you bring, the options you create, the services you employ – Your achieving your goals can be the gift that someone else is waiting for.

The word wealth has its root in health,

but also in the word ‘weal’

which is about what is best for all.

This is not about you. 

This is about what you have to offer to the world.

This is not about ticking boxes, pushing harder, achieving more. 

Sometimes doing less, but with clearer intention and free from interfering patterns, can be the key to creating the growth that you truly need.  

This is not about following all the rules & doing it right. 

This is about listening to your heart and following it’s gentle calling.  Right now, that may be raising tiny leaders of the future, it may be weaving words that ignite hearts or inspire minds, it may be holding the hurting, creating beauty, offering clarity & precision, or something that only your heart can imagine & create.  

Whatever your heart is calling you to right now,

We need you.


We need you to honour what you truly & deeply value.

We need you to believe in those dreams.

We need you to achieve those goals.


Because this is where true wealth is found.

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Stories of Real Life Dreamers

~ Errin, Mother, Medical Doctor & Life Coach, Indiana, USA

I have been having sessions with Kate for nearly 2 years now. It is obvious that Kate is very well trained and qualified, and has so many tools in her toolbox she must have spent a lifetime gathering them all together, but most importantly, she applies them from a place of love, understanding and the belief that anything can be changed for the better.

The sessions have been varied, sometimes with additional reading or ‘homework’, but every one has left me feeling positive and more confident about my capabilities and talents. for example, I have struggled with being in meetings at work, with overwhelming feelings of fear and discomfort, so that I couldn’t get my points across. After our session, about 3 weeks later I heard myself in a meeting supporting an important business client through a misunderstanding which had created a lot of difficulties for both sides. I was in full flow explaining the issues and encouraging everyone, moving the discussion on and making sure everyone was heard. I amazed myself that day!

My most recent session was about money. The final frontier! I have very big dreams for my future, which will require substantial investment, not something I could do myself, even if I worked 100 hours a week for the next 20 years! Literally the same day someone stopped in the lane I was in with one of my horses and asked me if I knew anyone who needed a field to rent – this is step 1 in my dream, and I’d been trying for over a year to make this happen and exhausted all avenues. I believe anyone can benefit from a kinesiology session with Kate. Just turn up with an open mind and let the magic happen.

~ Sara, Business Analyst & Horse Lover, Nottingham

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